The “Making money with Google” scam

fakechecks.jpgUpdate: we’ve noticed these ads are now using Flash Video.

Anyone can setup a Google Adsense account and get paid for displaying advertising on their website. However, a rash of misleading ads are currently running on various social network websites with outrageous claims such as “I’m Happy I Lost My Job” – “Make $ 15,000/month” – “I got $ 11,668.05”.

Each one of these ads points you to a fake blog where rags to riches stories are told and huge checks displayed proudly. Fact is, they are clones and the proof can be gathered quickly.

Here are a few of the websites we found: j*** (name removed), googlek***.net, c*** Each one of these websites features a “personal” story with the same backbone.  Curiously, check 037324959 02200086 is shown over and over on each one of these sites.

fakers.jpgEvery single one of these splogs refers you back to a “Google Cash Kit” you have to PURCHASE, presumably a “kit” telling you what you can learn for free on thousands of sites out there: you’ll make decent money with (a) content (b) traffic and (c) tweaking. What you will not be doing, is making thousands of dollars overnight with a fake splog.

To add credibility, these splogs add fake comments that mimick a blog comment section, with avatars and all. The problem is, these fake comments appear on more than one site: eric***, n***, iw***, ja***, c*** etc etc. And of course, “comments are closed because of spam”.

I guess Askimet is out of their price range.

The sad thing is most of the people who fall for this scam probably end up buying a kit on how to make another splog and then have to spend money on social networks trying to drum up traffic to their worthless sites.

If you want to make money online, try getting rich slowly. Seriously.

  1. I want to thank you for posting this unfortunatlly I read this a few seconds late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ordered my kit already and I thought I messed up going to different sites. now I know the truth. I really feel stupid. after reading this, I quickly unscubscribed to it and really do appreciate all of you out there posting the scam artists that try to get REAL PEOPLE WHO TRY HARD TO FIND A JOB WORKING AT HOME! a heads up. I am so sick of scams myself and wish I could find something legit to work with without spending money or giving out my personal information right off the bat! it just heats me up that people are so scadilous and money hungry that they would come up with these scams and try to “get rich quick” schemes to people that are trying so hard to make a living in this crappy world! thanks everyone who posts all scams and what not to do at them

  2. Thank you for the “heads up” about the Google Money making scam.
    Saved me some cash and probably a lot of time and heartache.
    Isn’t it always the way that when you are a bit down you are in danger of falling for scams that will leave you even more down!

  3. From a practical perspective, if anyone could make $1000s per day, everyone probably would. This is related to one of the oldest scams in the world, which is, something for nothing. The gold pot at the end of the rainbow. Know why it’s at the end of the rainbow? You figure it out.

  4. This is crazy. I really cant understand why it is so hard for people to see through these scams. They all look and say the same thing: GET RICH OVERNIGHT! If you want to make money, have something that people want: a service, a skill, a product or D all of the above. Dont buy a “success” kit. Make your own F*cking kit that works for you. Wait….here is an even better idea: DONT DO SOMETHING YOU DONT UNDERSTAND AND DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE. Wake up people… time is of the essence.

  5. Thanks for this info. I was contacted by someone on a social website that said he was making an extra $800/week and told me to check out such and such a website adverting the google thing. I was curious but skeptical (as I always am!) so I “googled” this offer and found your site confirming my suspicions that there were multiple sites out there claiming the same ridiculous thing. I do want to share my website with those of you that are interested in slow-growing, residual income opportunities in the world of travel. It is NOT a get quick rich scheme, the income disclaimer is clearly displayed. I just came from the national convention for this company in Dallas, Texas. I actually socialized with these top income-earners. They are REAL people that worked hard to get where they are and loved every second of it! In addition to the residual income you GET PAID TO TRAVEL, cool huh?! Ok enough said, check it out… (click #1)

  6. Hi I Live in Australia and have just been ripped by this scam, can you tell me whether I can stop the payment of $39.95. Will it be forth going even if I cancel. Can I email them or phone Australia. Its a scam I have to call USA to cancel. Below is what the ad said

    Jeremiah Hunter

    Terms and Disclosures. By clicking “Send My Software” I am ordering the Earn Google Cash™ CD and trial membership for US$2.29 S&H, after the 7-day trial I will be charged US$39.95 if I do not cancel. I also agree to the 14 day and 21 day bonus trials to Grant Members Site™ and Network Agenda™ for US$7.95 a month and US$9.95 a month thereafter, should I choose not to cancel. I have read and agree to the Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions. To Cancel, call 866-396-5695. Customer service hours are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  7. uh-oh. I was just about to buy some “tricks” that were all prepared so people could use them for their own benefit. The site offers a guarantee that you’ll make money, or they’ll refund what you paid, and if you haven’t been making $100 a day they double what you paid for the package. Like I mentioned above, I was just about to buy it…. should I?
    Here is the website, it shows a check from Google like the pictures of ones that you’re showing, but it doesn’t have that same number.
    Please let me know asap if I should continue in buying this “package” or whatever youcall it.

  8. Thanks Erin and Hilary, I feel you on the frustration. I too am out of work looking for something extra at home till I land a job. The last thing
    I need is to spend money on a scam. I am going back to Mary Kay, she has always been good for me.

    Thanks again!

  9. With all of the satellite surveillance technology and digital face technology in existence you’d think that open criminal activity such as this could be stopped. Is it that no one is interested in stopping it? All you need to do in order to get some real police action is drive 1 mph over the speed limit on your way to work! Why is it that the guy or gal that is just trying to be honest always taking it in the shorts? Can it be that our elected officials, you know the people that we call the government can’t really stop this illegal activity? I wish there was an organization formed for the Americans that are tired of getting screwed. The (ATTGS)!!!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much for the information. I was looking for a way to earn money. Once I paid for the Google Money Master, it keep directing me to pay for other services before I good get started. They don’t tell you that information before you begin. You saved me money and time.

  11. Thought I was reading a legit story in The New York GAZETTE NEWS and was shocked to see the girl in the story was from my hometown so I order the kit for 1.95 shipping and within 3 min discovered it to be a scam. I had printed out the terms and conditions – 68.21 will be charged to your credit card every month after the 7 day free trial period. Called the number and cancelled the account.

  12. Do not sign or spend your money on this, First they will charge you $1.95 which is easy but then later on charge your debit card monthly. It all sounds so goog to be true. They will send you E-bay lessons crap that you already most like know already and some lessons it probably takes you 10 or more days to watch and unknowingly not learn anything to make you maoney.

    I learned my lesson and I plead you not to sign up ad be charged for your sake.

  13. to anyone who wants to make money at home…unfortunately you cannot find the “magic” business that requires little to nothing to start. with any business opportunity comes start up costs. I’ve done a lot of research and 90% of the opportunities that have no cost or very little are scams. if you want an actual home business, look for something with a higher startup cost. i would say look for anything between $300-400. you might say that that is a little more than you can afford, but think of it this way. people put 10′s, sometimes 100′s of thousands of dollars into a new business before seeing anything back. so 300-400 is pretty reasonable.

  14. wow, and I was wanting to order it, but I wanted to check and see if there is anything negative about this, it’s so sad, cuz they make you believe it when they say it was recommended by all these news ppl.

  15. Thank you for your honesty. I work but need extra money and was debating about it. I won’t waste my time or money.

  16. James,

    You’re right — I spent $300 on a package a couple of years ago. After getting screwed a NUMBER of times on other $1.95 Google Money Makers, I found a program that had thousands of satisfied customers that I could contact directly. These weren’t some BS anonymous successes, these were real people, with real websites making REAL money. They had hundreds of people who had websites in the top 1% (I’m almost there myself with one of my sites). This program really taught me how to start a website, create traffic generating content and most importantly, how to MONETIZE it in such a way that it brings in more and more every month. This is far from a get rich quick scam. Their program requires a lot of work, but once you get it, you can’t believe how simple it is. I’ve since applied the techniques to other sites ALL OF WHICH are making thousands per month. If you’re interested in hearing more, I’d be happy to share it with you. You can contact me directly at phil at By the way, I just hit $5,000.00 last month and it’s growing at such a rate that it’s possible I will be able to leave my six figure job by the beginning of next year.

  17. I am so glad that I decided to search this money making opportunity. I almost did it! Now that I have researched, I see the checks displayed on the site are exectly as you say…the same damn one! LOL…sorry I know this is no laughing matter but I am happy I didn’t fall for it. I even posted a comment on the site where all the success stories were. Of course they have to be “approved” first. Guess comment wasn’t approved and was never posted. Thank all of you for posting your comments. You save a lot of people heartache and headache.

  18. I saw the same ad with a guy working in my home town. I also saw where it said free trial, but I didn’t see an asterik by it, so I thought cool. I typed in my name & location, and then it said you are eligible to work from home. Well DUH…the guy in the ad was from my hometown. Then it took me to the next page, and it said it was 2.95. I went to exit out, and then it says…but wait…we will offer you a special if you click cancel. So I did. It says today for only 1.95….blah blah blah. That is when I decided to do some googling myself. I’m glad I did. Thanks for the posts, cause in this tough time, I’m sure a lot of people are looking to get rich quick. I just need to make a few dollars to pay my bills since I’m out of a job at the moment, and it seems like it would be really easy to fall into a scam like this. Again…thanks!!

  19. I was surfing the Net and an article from the “New York Gazette” came up, regarding a woman from Cedar Rapids, Iowa making thousands of dollars per month finding “links” for Google. Again, if it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. There are NO quick ways to get rich unless you are doing something illegal.

  20. are people seriously that dumb that they belived this bullshit and sent them money. this is whats wrong with the world, you all are too fucking dumb to do anything

  21. Thx for the warning! Almost paid for the “Wonder Kit“ with my credit card… Keep investigating! Hope these morons will get a virus!!!

    Pawel S. Canada.

  22. I was just about to hit the submit button with all my credit card and home address details and then for once in my life I actually read the terms of service and didn’t go forward just because of how cut throat the contract was! I thought I was paying $3.95 for everything, the contract then goes on about $79 a month and how they can cancel your access but you still got to pay. Then I came here and found out it was a proper scam, so glad I didn’t go forward. Surely there are consumers laws against this, extortion or something? During a recession how can our governments and consumer protection groups allow this to continue?

  23. Dear David # 27 – Google has nothing to do with this scam. Google offers a number of tools for advertising (adwords) and revenue (adsense). The scam is operated by those who would like to make you believe the revenue program will generate thousands – which is not impossible, but extremely unlikely.

    I run a number of sites, some have serious traffic and generate some revenue, but it only amounts to a few K a year !

  24. Notsostupid # 25 – yes they use contextual advertising, often with Facebook using keywords like your location. You open a splog in Columbus OH and then you go to Facebook and target people from that location. It’s a great way to create interest using location. Sad.

  25. This scam has been around for sometime in one style or another i cant believe people are still sucked in by it. But then again we all get to a piont were we need to earn money and that’s how they get you. These will always be around. PEOPLE OUT THERE BE AWARE if it’s to true to be good then it always is.

  26. This is horrible.. I signed up for this and this is what happens next!? I completely deleted my account for the Google adsense? and it said something transaction will be canceled? Is that true? Well I hope it is.. I only was on that thing for barely 11 hours. Heh being scammed.. I feel downright stupid. Being as an 18 myself. I hope they wont take money out of my card! How do you cancel the order!? Or at least how do you cancel the order on your card? Do you have to cancel your card in order to not have $70-$90 taken monthly off? Please someone help I’m scared of my working money being takened away.. :[ please give me step by step answers

  27. I have just ordered the kit for .99 cents and received a confirmation of the shipping order#. The story of how Mary Steadman lost her “boring” job as an account rep for a manufacturing company a few months ago. She now makes $5500+ a month by just submitting small texts and ads online on Google. Read her story to learn how she did it and how you can do the same.” was featured on reputable new headlines like CNN and others. Further, this lady was reported, By Scott C. Baker
    Published: 8/6/2009
    Office Location: Kennesaw, GA . If this is all fake, why is the media supporting it? What can we do to stop these scams? Is Google aware that their name is being used and it continues to ignore? Please advise.

  28. To Ms. Johnson:
    RE: The story of how Mary Steadman lost her “boring” job as an account rep for a manufacturing company a few months ago. She now makes $5500+ a month by just submitting small texts and ads online on Google. Read her story to learn how she did it and how you can do the same.” was featured on reputable new headlines like CNN and others. Further, this lady was reported, By Scott C. Baker
    I saw one of those the other day, but the website title seemed legitimate, as if a news report from the NY Times. I didn’t realize it was fake until I moused over the links to other pages on the site and couldn’t click on anything. I also noticed the disclaimer at the bottom which said that the advertising program and the Google Kit were not affiliated with Google in any way.

  29. I am Brazilian and actually have 2 internet businesses, and answering e-mails take me at least 2 hour per day! I can’t continue with this any more. But, I don’t know someone that is able to answer the same way I do, so I wonder the day I will can get a trip without headaches.

  30. This is my first comment i’ve ever left on your blog or any blog at all but i’ve been reading for quite some time! please keep up the good work!

  31. Here’s an excellent article on the subject of making money online while blogging. “They don’t succeed because they expect to get rich quick, and when they don’t find immediate success, they quit! The hype about making money blogging presents an image of rapid rewards.”

  32. Beware of calls from this number 1888210391..guy’s accent is weird.he gives lot of crap abt money making and how they are reviewing your application..then he gives the “buzz ” word..1:95$ one time set up.. now you know you are bout to enter a scam….

  33. NOBODY is making money from Adsense with their blogs.  It’s like flipping houses.  Put a fork in it.  Ad rates plummeted because nobody is buying anything.  The ONLY way to make money in America now is to actually DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.  Running a blog with adsense is a joke.
    out clones

  34. I spent the $2 last week on this. Wish I would have found you guys before then!!! They wanted me to spend $8705 on “training” to set up my own business. They guaranteed me to make at least 2x that amount. That’s not including the $40 a month to let them host a website for me to sell whatever it is I want to sell. I just got off the phone and told them to cancel the $40 a month and cancel me from their program. Hopefully, I won’t have any issues doing this now!!! I also went to the BBB site and found quite a few complaints against this particular company that have gone unresolved. I’d better not fall into that category!!!! I haven’t received anything from them (as yesterday was the first call I’ve gotten from them), so it had better not be an issue!!!!

  35. Well now that I know that’s a scam, tell me, are there any ways on-line to make money that are not a scam? All the ones I have checked out don’t cheak out as legit. Is there a website that you can go to and find out if a site is legitimate?

  36. @ laurie
    I think you might consider calling your credit card company and blocking charges from that company being made against your credit card. I would do this just to be safe. All of this is just what I think about this hogwash.

  37. I fell for the $1.95 as well.  Called and cancelled immediately but have been charged under different “merchants” and have cancelled with at least 6 more who keep charging that $68.46,  $24.87, or 24.87.  They have ph numbers of “866,877, and 888″ following, all with “CYP” after them. The “merchant names” range from:” Grant Finder”, “Web Training GRP”, “Powersale”, “SafelockID”, “Searchchest”,”A1Member” to “Auction-Support”, which was the latest charge.  The number following that one was: 888-341-0660 CYP- and the “customer service person” that answered said “sorry, we don’t know anything about that company, we are investigating, be careful about giving out your information”.  Well, the only time I “gave out information” was when they got that card number for the $1.95!!  Today I did something I should have done 4 months ago- cancelled the card and reported it all!  So if you only cancelled once, WATCH OUT, and especially check what comes in on the card you used!!!!!  I may be smokin’ now, but I will NOT be burned again!!

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  39. Thanks for this article.  I was about to get duped and then closed down out of the website when I read your article.  Unfortunately I had already given them my name, email and phone number.  I’m already getting texts from them on my phone.  How stupid can I be!!!  Sheesh.

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  41. did anybody read the terms and conditions? they clearly spell out what you are subscribing to and what the monthly charges will be.

  42. Yes, I was stupid enough to have fell for this. Should have read the “TERMS and CONDITIONS” — which was AFTER I had already placed the order. I immediately called ALL 6 companies to CANCELED ALL ORDERS. I did lose the 1.97+1.97+2.48+2.48+1.95 ,but hopefully will not lose anymore. I never trusted this “get rich” stuff but I fell for it and boy am I feeling STUPID. When you sign up for google, you are NOT only signing up for Google but for other companies that comes along with it…

    1– Google Start Up Kit – trial days :5
    $1.97 sign up fee
    $84.84 after 5 trial day
    $35.47/mo service

    2– Grant Line Pro – trial days :10
    $39.95 after 10 trial day
    $39.95/mo service

    3– Home Base Advantage Kit – trial days :14

    4– Google Profit Kit (Disc home mailed) – trial :30
    $99.00 after 30 day trial
    online resource 14 day free trial $47.50 on the 15th day and every 30 days

    5– Ebay money resource center – trial day:7
    $7.71/mo after trial period

    6– dream pro web hosting (this was sent as a bonus from Google kit) this was sent to my SPAM MAIL trial: 14days.
    $1.95 and then $7.50 after trial period every month.

    this is as of right now… oooohh my head is sooo hurting.. I ordered the google kit on the 14th so I will definetly check to see what else i need to cancel BEFORE the “trial period” is over.

    this SUCKS

  43. I am in disprate need of a on line business from home, could you guide me to one. Iam one of those people who  extra careful, may be more than that, doesnt trust anyone or any promises very easily. Can’t give my details online or over the phone to any one. With all what is going on at the minute and all the terable scams and tragic events occurs to idividuls after believing  empty promises and lies. Can any one out there tell me about a sinle succssful story came out of a successful business online? Or does it realy exist?

  44. To start earning money with your blog, initially use Google Adsense but gradually as your traffic increases, keep adding more and more money making programs to your site.

  45. Google scamming? Really? I don’t think so

    Admin edit: why does need to use three different email accounts to post comments? Seriously?

  46. Really? Google is scamming? I dont think so. There should be a good explanation behind this.

    [Our note: Does John Chow of Use Fake Comments to promote his site? We removed the URL]

  47. Ohh I know, and now, with the new FTC rules, these people are going to get nasty shock or a BIG FAT FINE worth thousands!

    [Note: Interesting... Does the FTC apply overseas? ;-)]

  48. Hello, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. keep the content coming…

  49. Anyone know how to cancel the order if you have already given them your information besides canceling your credit card?  Is my credit card now in danger of further charges even if I were to cancel this order?

  50. I like your style, the fact that your site is a little bit different makes it so interesting, I get fed up of seeing same-old-same-old all of the time. I’ve just stumbled this page for you :-D

  51. Such scams are horrible. I hear, for what it’s worth, that google is doing what they can to stop it seeing as it’s their name being dragged through the mud as well.

  52. Thanks for publishing about this. There’s a lot of solid tech info on the internet. You’ve got a lot of that info here on your web site. I’m impressed – I try to keep a couple blogs reasonably ongoing, but it’s a struggle sometimes. You’ve done a solid job with this one. How do you do it?

  53. Do you have any advice as how to get rid of spam? I made my first site a couple weeks ago and I’ve just been getting hammered with comments and such

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  63. There are too many people out there that fall for things that they need to be aware of. With all the blogs popping up selling the same junk that people can find for free by reading different sites there needs to be something done by google to clean this up.

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  65. I would like to say thank you for posting the websites that are the possibal scams for this. This has been around now for some time and is even on ebay now. Total rubish and a wast of your time to put paid banners on your site. If it sounds to good to be true it always is no exceptions :-) Be carfull in the world of paid adverts.

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  69. Anything like this is a scam. The way the get so many people believing in it is by using respectful companies names like Google and CNN. I have tried things like this before and dropshipping and never got anywhere. Scams like this take you in by offering their packages for little money so you think you have nothing to loose. But then they start to ask you for a bit more money and then more and before you know it all your bits of money have added up to 100′s. What makes this scam worst is that they are preying on people who have no money. The only thing I have found working online to be profitable is forex. But thats just my opinion.

  70. you are totally right but people are blind to it. people with no experience and avid for money will fall into everything. it is possible to leave your job for an “online job” and earn good money with Adsense but if it smells shit… stay out. i opted for a slow start, learning on my own and with free content. then started investing in stuff other had tried or i had enough experience to trust.

  71. Wow it sickens me that people would actually make fake rags to riches stories, just so they can get money. It takes away from the people who actually do have real rags to riches scams… Thanks for informing me about this

  72. Google needs to show a responsibility and clean this up, I am not saying they should Police the Internet like the Americans police the world, but people are using Google name to SCAM people.

  73. Thank you for your effort in alerting newbies to this all too common practice. Sadly, the internet marketing field is full of these type of fake hypey promises, and honest people looking to earn some extra money fall for them all the time. The truth is that although making money on the internet from home is by all means possible, it requires work, and is not at all as easy as these fake sites promise.

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