Color 2.0

Is Facebook blue that different from LinkedIn or Drupal?

Is Google+ the same color as HTML5?

Is Pinterest the same color as Quora?

Find out the exact RGB color for each one of these brands over at
Galen Gidman has done all the work for you with a brilliantly simple layout. Enjoy!

HTML Resources


  • Getting started with HTML – a short introduction to writing HTML. What is HTML? It is a special kind of text document that is used by Web browsers to present text and graphics.
  • HTML 4.01 – This specification defines the HyperText Markup Language (HTML), the publishing language of the World Wide Web. This specification defines HTML 4.01, which is a subversion of HTML 4.
  • HTML Characters – Alpha Codes
  • Use the right DOCTYPE – In case you aren’t familiar with the DOCTYPE element, it’s quite simply an element used to declare what language (and its level) a document uses, and optionally what document type definition (DTD) is to be used in its handling.
  • All about Character encoding – a quick summary of key information related to character encodings in HTML and XML.
  • HMTL & CSS tutorial by example – htmlPlayground
    0.3 BETA

Reveal source code with link

Ever had to transfer a very large number of flat files to a CMS? There are many ways to achieve this, but sooner of later you will have to do some grunt work with code. One of the solutions involves creating a naked version of your content with a very basic navigation system and a COPY CODE link.

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