How to make fake Facebook profiles in 10 steps

We do not condone, nor do we suggest anyone make fake Facebook profiles. You should always refer to Facebook’s Terms and Principles. The following information is for educational purposes only.

It’s no secret that Facebook has been cracking down hard on fake profiles. Any number of actions can set off the dreaded checkpoint verification system. If you want  to create a number of fake Facebook profiles, you will need a number of tools and remember some basic rules.

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So You Want To Build A Website?

Seriously, forget about it. No really, don’t even bother. As today’s web evolves, you’re better off creating your own one or two page site with a blogging platform with links to relevant social media where you’ll do most of your work anyway. Most important of all, provide useful and basic information that can be easily accessed with a mobile device !

  • Be to the point. Nobody cares about splash screens, flash intros, portfolios or any other useless drivel beyond the basics : Who, What, When, Where, How and WHY!
  • People perform searches on the go. They now spend more time searching with a mobile device than on destop computers.
  • People want to know WHERE you are. If you’re not on Google Maps, you don’t really exist.
  • People want to know WHAT you do. Be social. Facebook for instance is the best way to get people to know you and trust your services.
  • Get involved with niche web 2.0 services relevant to your industry.
  • Forget twitter. It’s basically for politicians, celebrities and news.

The Scourge of Corporate Web Filtering

websenseIt started like just another day at one of our remote offices: email, follow-ups, meetings, calendar management, spreadsheets, a little pdf here and there, some programming, a last minute Photoshop tweak …

Normally, every time one of our workers finishes a task, he or she takes a 15 minute brain break or does some other Web 2.0 activity that benefits the organization. Some of us prefer Twitter, reading what new trends are out there. Others like to do a little Facebook to see what our friends – and foes – are up to. Reddit is also a definite favorite.

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Looking for a Gaia Alternative?

menewshaFor those who are interested in an Avatar Community that is anime-themed with a forum and games there is a new kid on the block. In their own words, Menewsha is “an online community where you can create and customise your own avatar, play games, chat on our forums, and make new friends”. Menewsha, is in fact a PG-13 community that is a free service where users can create their own avatars and play a variety of games. In Menewsha, users can earn gold by playing games and contributing to the forums.

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Using Personal Computers For Presentations? Think Again.

uhohWe’ve all done it. We’re so comfortable with our personal computers we think it’s OK to use them for a boardroom presentation. Not always a great idea, unless you’ve screen proofed and scrubbed your machine.

Here are the top ten mistakes made by professionals who use their personal computers for presentations. Embarrassment guaranteed.

10. Clear your desktop! Maybe you should have removed that raunchy PowerPoint file with its self-explanatory name. Do you really want the world to see a file called “bigbutts.ppt” right there next to the task bar. Sure dad sent it to you …

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