Color 2.0

Is Facebook blue that different from LinkedIn or Drupal?

Is Google+ the same color as HTML5?

Is Pinterest the same color as Quora?

Find out the exact RGB color for each one of these brands over at
Galen Gidman has done all the work for you with a brilliantly simple layout. Enjoy!

Twuffer – it’s a twitter buffer!

We recently discovered an amazing service that finally delivers what it promises: to be able to manage and post future tweets. If you run a blog, you probably would like to promote your postings evenly over time instead of the classic burst of links most users are accustomed to.

As well, if you have a major event coming up, do you have the time to promote in on twitter, or would having tweets arranged by date and time be a time saver? Welcome to Twuffer, a twitter scheduler with impeccable functionality, ease of use and – best of all – no link jacking. You know what I mean, don’t you?

eBay Is No Longer eBay

For years, we’ve listed and sold stuff on eBay (not an affiliate links for sure …). Ever since the mid to late 90s in fact. We stopped selling for a while, and almost forgot about the service until we realized we had quite a bit of good quality equipment we wanted to offload. We went back to eBay … We were shocked. Things have drastically changed and not for the better, why this is we decided to investigate.

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Music Composition For Nerds is an amazing little site with a nifty musical tool. Anyone using the web based application can create music loops by following a few rules. The first step is to select 1 of 8 different Sound Patterns from the small Matrixes icons on the right. You then use your mouse to draw notes on each 16 Step Matrix and you adjust the volume of the iNudge application. For each pattern, you can adjust the volume, you can mute, clear, or set the audio pan from Left to Right.

You can also click on the tempo numbers and click up or down to change the overall tempo. To make the nudge longer use the “plus” button. You can use the Clear, Copy, Cut and Paste functions to edit your pattern faster. Get & Share allows you to send mail, get links, get embed code or spread your latest creation in social media communities. Using the Feedback Forum, you can tell us what you think, leave your comments or make suggestions.

The Kitchen Sink

This post will contain some of our latest finds that don’t merit a full article. Some of these links and articles are wonderful resources.

When you create a link to a website this always strengthens its position in search engines. This means that a bad review of a website, or the link to a malicious website makes it more popular. If you’re using social media and you are discussing or alerting others about a website that promotes scams or other questionable business and you link to that site, search engines will, despite your best wishes, improve the offending site’s rank.

With, you can link to sites without giving them any Google juice. uses three different ways to block search engines from crawling a link including a shortened url. also has a great sense of humour – See above image!

Information Architects

Among the amazing data visualizing tools out there, the maps featured by Information Architects have become a favorite among the industry.

Based in Japan, Information Architects’ website produces over 3.4 billion page views per year and their Trend Map has won one of the biggest design prizes out there: it hangs on the wall of practically every big tech office in the world. Interested in your own custom maps? Check out

Meraki WiFi Tools

According to Meraki’s website, they provide networking systems and enterprise-class networking to organizations of all sizes. Their unique cloud-hosted controller architecture provides centralized management and security though an intuitive web interface, eliminating the high costs and complexity associated with traditional networking systems.

While we are not current users of Meraki’s services, we are avid fans of their Web based tools: the WiFi Stumbler, the WiFi Mapper as well as a range calculator and an indoor coverage calculator. Great tools when you work in an environment that is saturated with 2 Ghz services from WiFi to Wireless cameras.