Color 2.0

Is Facebook blue that different from LinkedIn or Drupal?

Is Google+ the same color as HTML5?

Is Pinterest the same color as Quora?

Find out the exact RGB color for each one of these brands over at
Galen Gidman has done all the work for you with a brilliantly simple layout. Enjoy!

So You Want To Build A Website?

Seriously, forget about it. No really, don’t even bother. As today’s web evolves, you’re better off creating your own one or two page site with a blogging platform with links to relevant social media where you’ll do most of your work anyway. Most important of all, provide useful and basic information that can be easily accessed with a mobile device !

  • Be to the point. Nobody cares about splash screens, flash intros, portfolios or any other useless drivel beyond the basics : Who, What, When, Where, How and WHY!
  • People perform searches on the go. They now spend more time searching with a mobile device than on destop computers.
  • People want to know WHERE you are. If you’re not on Google Maps, you don’t really exist.
  • People want to know WHAT you do. Be social. Facebook for instance is the best way to get people to know you and trust your services.
  • Get involved with niche web 2.0 services relevant to your industry.
  • Forget twitter. It’s basically for politicians, celebrities and news.

The Kitchen Sink

This post will contain some of our latest finds that don’t merit a full article. Some of these links and articles are wonderful resources.

WordPress resources for Internet marketers

WebSiteForensics runs on WordPress and so do most of the simple CMS sites we build. We’re well versed in Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine and all the top tier CMS but when we need flexibility and plugin functionalities not found elsewhere, we’re almost always back to WordPress.

So when we want to marry CMS and marketing, we always turn to wp4im.comWordPress 4 Internet Marketing! This great site has a very comprehensive review of plugins for anybody interested in marketing, review sites, product review, e-commerce plugins, WordPress shopping cart … you name it. This site also features a great WordPress review site plugin.

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Useful WordPress Resources

WordPress is one of the most versatile content management applications out there. Granted it won’t run a mammoth site, Dupal is much better suited for that, but WordPress is a solid workhorse that is fully scalable.

Now for those who would want to create a WordPress theme, we recommend the Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial at ThemeShaper.

WordPress themes are easily modified and the Codex offers a wide range of functions you can code into the heart of the site. Start with 10 Useful WordPress Loops Hacks. We also recommend this handy WordPress Cheat Sheet. Resources are also aplenty, but our favorite article so far has been Steffan Antonas’ 100+ Killer WordPress Resources.