Is Bell Canada now hijacking DNS?

Image 1Mistyped URLS or defunct domains are now being redirected by Bell Canada to an ad-rich search page. This new “service” is in fact DNS hijacking and a cheap cash grab by Canada’s ISP. Similar programs have been enacted by other ISPs in the United-States such as Comcast.

Bell’s service,, does offer an opt-out service by using a cookie: Note: In order for opt-out to work properly, you need to accept a “cookie” indicating that you have opted out of this service. If you use a program that removes cookies, you will have to repeat this opt-out process when the cookie is deleted. The cookie placed on your computer will contain the site name: “”.

This practice is not only surprising, it is an invasive service that has only one purpose: to raise advertising dollars for Disappointing to say the least.

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