Gold [Xe] 4f14 5d10 6s1

Image 1We’re nerds and geeks here at WebsiteForensics, so much so we love to read books on the periodic table and we collect metallic samples (the safe ones of course). Among the 100 or so elements, we have many favorites – each for different reasons. Bismuth makes for great cubic crystals; gallium melts in your hand; and gold – well gold is beautiful, dense and valuable.

Some among us at WebsiteForensics can explain at length why gold is yellow – something about relativistic orbital sub-shells – but we’re also part-time investors. We’ve watched gold increase in value over the last few years and given today’s economic uncertainties, keeping some equity in the form of gold is not only wise, it just makes sense.

Now, gold comes in bar and coin form. Many countries such as Canada, the United States, South Africa and many others mint gold coins and some reading is necessary before making your selection of gold bullion.

Fortunately, offers a central repository for all kinds of information about this precious metal as well as information for silver and platinum.