Our Review of The iPad

We finally got our hands on a couple of WiFi iPads and have been giving them to some of the toughest users possible: our friends. We gave the iPad, without explanation to one friend of ours who had never played with an iPhone or iPod Touch. Within minutes, our friend had figured out how to setup email, surf the web, create new windows, copy/paste, download applications … Now we can’t get it back.

When the iPad is not between sofa cushions, it is our friend’s favorite tool in the media room. Who needs a laptop when you just want to lookup IMDB or Youtube? The obvious complaints are about no Flash and not being able to print. I/O issues were never really part of the conversation as the Internet and the Network provide ample exchange solutions. Blake, who also got his hands on an iPad confided in us… it’s now his favorite bathroom magazine. Ick! He can keep his.

We’re going to pick up some Velcro this weekend and we’re seriously considering a 3G version of the iPad for a wicked road trip we’re planning this summer.