Why You Can’t Claim An Abandoned Blogger.com URL

bloggerA while back, someone from the team had read this story about a savvy blogger.com user who had managed to claim a number of abandoned blogs to make a hefty profit. The basic idea being, abandoned blogs can be easily revived and benefit from incoming links and traffic, the two basic ingredients for ad revenue.

Fact is, the jig is up. Blogger.com soon learned of the spamming technique developed by some and has now enforces a new policy whence domains are never abandoned permanently and always available to their original users. Continue reading

Monetizing Your Blog

We remember the web when the only source of income was direct sales and domain squatting… Today, there are many options available for those who wish to monetize their sites without driving away readers. The important first step for any blogger is to test every monetization service out there and find out what works best for your sites. Don’t assume because something is great for someone else’s blog that is the case for all blogs! One note of caution: read the terms of service as some monetization services are not compatible with competitors.

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