Music Composition For Nerds is an amazing little site with a nifty musical tool. Anyone using the web based application can create music loops by following a few rules. The first step is to select 1 of 8 different Sound Patterns from the small Matrixes icons on the right. You then use your mouse to draw notes on each 16 Step Matrix and you adjust the volume of the iNudge application. For each pattern, you can adjust the volume, you can mute, clear, or set the audio pan from Left to Right.

You can also click on the tempo numbers and click up or down to change the overall tempo. To make the nudge longer use the “plus” button. You can use the Clear, Copy, Cut and Paste functions to edit your pattern faster. Get & Share allows you to send mail, get links, get embed code or spread your latest creation in social media communities. Using the Feedback Forum, you can tell us what you think, leave your comments or make suggestions.

120 Years of Sound Recordings: Cylinder Records

EdisonRecords1903AdWe love our technology. In fact everybody here at WebsiteForensics has an iPod Touch, iTunes, thousands of mp3 files as well has hundreds of CDs. Some of us even had old tapes, LPs, EPs. One of us even owns a USB turntable – but what of music of yesteryear? We don’t just mean 78’s, we mean music from up to 120 years ago … We are talking about cylinder records from the 1870s to the 1920s. Cylinders made out of tinfoil, brown wax and plastic …

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