Meraki WiFi Tools

According to Meraki’s website, they provide networking systems and enterprise-class networking to organizations of all sizes. Their unique cloud-hosted controller architecture provides centralized management and security though an intuitive web interface, eliminating the high costs and complexity associated with traditional networking systems.

While we are not current users of Meraki’s services, we are avid fans of their Web based tools: the WiFi Stumbler, the WiFi Mapper as well as a range calculator and an indoor coverage calculator. Great tools when you work in an environment that is saturated with 2 Ghz services from WiFi to Wireless cameras.

Computer Spying Tools

Image 3We do not endorse doing anything that is illegal or violates privacy. However there are cases where it is necessary to conduct investigations: parents have the rights and responsibility to monitor their child’s computer usage and employers have the right to monitor activity on their networks and systems. You need a computer spy system.

This is why products are available  as computer spy are available on the market. offers a number of products that give you the ability to monitor networks and machines that fall under your responsibility. This new product will gather passwords, pictures, websites and more even if the end user is not using the administrative account.

Being a computer spy is never to be taken lightly, but you are also responsible for the proper usage of your machines.