Time To Take A Break

vacationrentalSeriously folks, it’s been sixteen months of website building, tweaking and programming. Some of us here at WebsiteForensics need a break. Some of us here would love to go back down to New Mexico. Time to fire up our browsers for something else that usability testing or reading Reddit!

Before we hit the road let’s check out some vacation rental homes. We still have a few weeks of blogging before us, as well as a handful of sites to finish, but we’ve already found a couple of places we’d love to rent in Albuquerque or Santa Fe… Time to start counting the days on the calendar.

High Speed Internet in the South West USA

When we – at WebsiteForensics.com – spend our summers in New Mexico between Albuquerque, Las Vegas and Santa Fe, we need a reliable Internet connection so we can telecommute back to Toronto.

Our favorite provider for High Speed Internet in our home away from home remains Qwest. Qwest Communications is not just about being an Internet Provider, they are also a provider for Home phone and long distance phone, cell phones (including plans), VoIP and other communication services.

Qwest Communications International is a large telecom provider that provides services in western US states including Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.