WPML – A multilingual plugin for WordPress

Running a multilingual website doesn’t get any easier. WPML is the a powerful WordPress multilingual plugin. Armed with a complete startup guide for new users and its side-wide navigation, WPML offers top navigation with drop down menus, breadcrumbs trail navigation and sidebar navigation. There are a lot of options and configurations through the backend admin section.

WPML also makes any WordPress theme multilingual and gives you the tools to build unique multilingual WordPress sites. WPML was created by ICanLocalize, a professional translation service, specializing in website translation and software localization.

WordPress resources for Internet marketers

WebSiteForensics runs on WordPress and so do most of the simple CMS sites we build. We’re well versed in Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine and all the top tier CMS but when we need flexibility and plugin functionalities not found elsewhere, we’re almost always back to WordPress.

So when we want to marry CMS and marketing, we always turn to wp4im.comWordPress 4 Internet Marketing! This great site has a very comprehensive review of plugins for anybody interested in marketing, review sites, product review, e-commerce plugins, WordPress shopping cart … you name it. This site also features a great WordPress review site plugin.

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Useful WordPress Resources

WordPress is one of the most versatile content management applications out there. Granted it won’t run a mammoth site, Dupal is much better suited for that, but WordPress is a solid workhorse that is fully scalable.

Now for those who would want to create a WordPress theme, we recommend the Ultimate WordPress Theme Tutorial at ThemeShaper.

WordPress themes are easily modified and the Codex offers a wide range of functions you can code into the heart of the site. Start with 10 Useful WordPress Loops Hacks. We also recommend this handy WordPress Cheat Sheet. Resources are also aplenty, but our favorite article so far has been Steffan Antonas’ 100+ Killer WordPress Resources.

How a Simple Plugin Can Bring Down Your Server

Image 4We use several VPS – Virtual Private Servers – to host a number of sites. Yesterday one of them came crashing down. How could that be when we knew we had over 300 megabytes of free space two days before?! It was time to do some sleuthing.

First off, we deleted all bloated log files. Might sound stupid – logs contain critical information -  but you can’t work with gigantic log files when pressed with time. What you need is to get the server back up and running. By the time we created some space by removing some of the access_log files from various directories, we noticed the space available was back to normal levels, but decreased by 3 or 4 megabytes per 10 minutes. Not a good situation.

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Serious WordPress Vulnerability Issue

wordpress-logoIf you’re running a WordPress blog on your servers that isn’t version 2.8.4  you’re strongly advised to upgrade immediately to the latest version of the software to avoid an ongoing attack. WordPress.com hosted blogs are not affected.

The issue was first reported by Lorelle on WordPress after it was discovered that an attack is exploiting security holes in previous versions, creating a hidden Admin account and drilling right down to the database level.

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At some point during a WordPress install, or anything else dynamic for that matter, you will have to operate a change mode on a file or directory on your Apache server. Via ssh or ftp, chmod is the command you will be using.

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